Phase Transitions
Proseminar Theoretische Physik
ETH Zurich - SS 07
Date Topics Advisor
16/04 Symetry and ergodicity breaking, mean-field study of the Ising model [slides]
Rafael Mottl
Dr. Ingo Kirsch
23/04 Critical phenomena in fluids [slides]
Severin Zimmermann
Dr. Davide Batic
23/04 Landau theory, fluctuations and the breakdown of Landau theory [slides]
Raphael Honegger
Dr. Andrey Lebedev
07/05 Scaling theory [slides]
Roger Herrigel
Dr. Helmut Katzgraber
07/05 The renormalization group [slides]
Thomas Coutandin
Dr. Ch. Iniotakis & Dr. M. Matsumoto
14/05 Critical slowing down and cluster updates in Monte Carlo simulations [slides]
Ruben Andrist
Dr. Munehisa Matsumoto
14/05 Finite-size scaling [slides]
Pilav Darko
Dr. Munehisa Matsumoto
21/05 Kosterlitz-Thouless transition and Goldstone theorem [slides]
Roland Bauerschmidt
Dr. Andrey Lebedev
21/05 O(N) Model and 1/N expansion [slides]
Michael Kay
Dr. Ingo Kirsch
04/06 Quantum phase transitions and the Bose-Hubbard model [slides]
Eric Fehr
Dr. Fabricio Albuquerque
04/06 Quantum field theory and deconfinement transition [slides]
Yves Barmaz
Dr. Urs Wenger
11/06 QCD phase diagram [slides]
Bela Bauer
Dr. Urs Wenger
11/06 BCS theory of superconductivity [slides]
Thomas Burgener
Dr. Christian Iniotakis
18/06 Bose-Einstein condensation [slides]
Volker Schlue
Dr. Fabricio Albuquerque
18/06 Superfluidity and supersolidity [slides]
Lars Bonnes
Dr. Lode Pollet