Research Activities  

Quantum Computing

Topologically-protected quantum computing
Quantum annealing, quantum enhanced optimization, and quantum-inspired algorithms

Algorithms & Novel Computing Paradigms

Algorithm development & testing

Fundamental Properties of Spin Glasses

Spin glasses in a field and the spin-glass state at low temperatures
Universality, chaos, ultrametricity, and reentrance

Other Disordered Systems

Vector spin glasses, gauge glasses, vortices, and Potts glasses
Disordering mechanisms (LiHo) and the effects of disorder on first-order transitions
Coulomb glasses, structural glasses, and random-field systems

Emulation of Space Radiation

Radiation emulation for radiobiology and material testing experiments

Other Research Across Fields

Cold Bosonic and Fermionic gases
Single molecule magnets (e.g., Mn12)
Vortices in high-temperature superconductors
Complex systems & interdisciplinary applications
Avalanches, self-organized criticality, and hysteresis