Helmut G. Katzgraber  


Helmut Katzgraber

Helmut Katzgraber was born in Lima, Peru and is of Austrian descent. After growing up in Lima and completing military duties in Austria, he studied physics at ETH Zurich. In 2001 he received his PhD in Physics at the University of California Santa Cruz. After a one-year postdoc at the University of California Davis, he returned to ETH in 2002 as a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Theoretical Physics. In 2007 he was awarded a Swiss National Science Foundation professorship and in 2009 he joined Texas A&M University as a tenure-track assistant professor. In 2011 he received an NSF CAREER award. In 2012 he was tenured and promoted to the rank of associate professor and in 2015 promoted to professor. Since 2014 he is external faculty member at the Santa Fe Institute and since 2018 principal researcher at Microsoft. His interests in computational physics are the investigation of disordered systems, algorithms, as well as the study of problems related to novel computing paradigms, such as quantum computing. In his spare time he likes to scuba dive, run, and eat gelato.

Contact Information

E-mail: firstname@lastname.org
Phone: +1 (979) 276-6067

Mini CV

10/92 — 04/97 Diploma in Physics (ETH Zürich)
10/97 — 06/98 Master of Science (UC Santa Cruz)
06/98 — 08/01 Doctorate Degree (PhD, UC Santa Cruz)
10/01 — 10/02 Postdoctoral Researcher (UC Davis)
10/02 — 03/07 Postdoctoral Researcher (ITP ETH Zürich)
03/07 — 03/13 Assistant Professor (SNF, ITP ETH Zürich)
01/09 — 08/12 Assistant Professor (Texas A&M University)
09/12 — 08/15 Associate Professor (with tenure, Texas A&M University)
09/15 — Professor (Texas A&M University)
07/14 — 08/20 External Professor (Santa Fe Institute)
02/17 — 08/18 Head of Research, 1QB Information Technologies (1QBit)
06/17 — 08/18 Consultant, Microsoft Research
08/18 — Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research