helmut g. katzgraber

texas a&m  
SS15 401 & 619: Computational Physics
SS14 401 & 619: Computational Physics
FS12 202: College Physics II
FS11 202: College Physics II
SS11 681: Introduction to Research (Colloquium)
FS10 681: Introduction to Research (Colloquium)
FS10 202: College Physics II
FS09 202: College Physics II
SS09 202: College Physics II

eth zurich  
SS03 Student seminar: Cold Atomic Gases and Bose-Einstein Condensation
SS04 Student seminar: Methods and their Application in Condensed Matter Physics
SS05 Student seminar: Numerical Methods in Quantum Condensed Matter and Lattice Gauge Systems
SS06 Student seminar: Topology in Physics
SS07 Student seminar: Phase Transitions
HS07 Optimization Problems and Algorithms in Physics
FS08 Student seminar: Quantum computing